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What is 52@65?

52@65 is an Indiana Department of Transportation project using state and federal funds to improve the level of service to theI-65 interchange at US 52 near Lebanon, Indiana. In addition to providing immediate benefits to the community, this project–which is currently in the design phase–will allow the region to handle future connectivity and access requirements.

Why does the interchange need to
be improved?

As currently constructed, the
I-65/US 52 interchange only provides partial access for motorists. Vehicles are required to use the SR 47 and SR 32 interchanges to reach the areas east and west of I-65 near the US 52 interchange as well as less direct routes through residential areas and downtown Lebanon.

When will the design process be complete?

The design will not be finalized until the public involvement phase is complete and a public hearing is held. The design phase is expected to be finished by Fall 2024.

When will the actual construction begin?

At this point, the schedule calls for the construction contract to be awarded in February 2025. Construction is anticipated to begin Spring 2025 with substantial construction complete by Fall 2026.

Will there be traffic interruptions during the design stage?

There will not be any traffic interruptions during the design stage.

Will there be traffic interruptions during the construction stage?

While there will likely be traffic interruptions during the construction stage of 52@65, INDOT and its contractors will be implementing a maintenance of traffic plan to lessen the impact to motorists. This plan includes maintaining at least two lanes of traffic in each direction on I-65. In addition, the INDOT team will communicate regularly with all stakeholders to keep them informed of road closures and alternate routes so drivers can plan ahead.

Where can I find more information?

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